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Analyze Disk Usage

Commands to Analyze Disk Usage


If you already have a running Jetson system, you may want to start by knowing how much disk space you are using and left available.

df -h /dev/mmcblk0p1
Example outputs of df command after installing full JetPack

Example output on Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit with JetPack 5.0.2:

$ df -h /dev/mmcblk0p1
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p1   57G   16G   39G  29% / 

Example output on Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit with JetPack 4.6.1:

$ df -h /dev/mmcblk0p1
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p1   59G   13G   44G  22% /

Count installed packages

dpkg-query -W | wc -l


dpkg -l | grep -c '^ii'

Example outputs summarized into a table format for JetPack versions

JetPack 5.0.2
(Rel 35.1.0)
Jetson AGX Orin
Developer Kit
JetPack 5.0.1 DP
(Rel 34.1.1)
Jetson AGX Orin
Developer Kit
JetPack 4.6.2
(Rel 32.7.2)
Jetson AGX Xavier
Developer Kit
JetPack 4.6.1
(Rel 32.7.1)
Jetson Xavier NX
Developer Kit
[a] Regular L4T BSP 1909 1920 2217
[A] Full JetPack 2038 2013 2340 2348
[B] GUI removed nnn 1063 993 1003
[C] Docs/Samples removed nnn 1059 988 998
[D] dev packages removed nnn 1040 969 979

tree command output filtered by disk usage size

To understand what takes up your disk space, Disk Usage Analyzer app on Ubuntu Desktop is a great tool, but you can also run the following tree based command to show what takes up a big chunk of disk space.

Below is an example of listing directories and files that are over 100MB.

sudo apt-get install tree
sudo bash -c "cd /; tree --du  -h  | grep -E \"\[[0-9]*M]|G]\""
Example output of the tree command on JetPack 5.x and JetPack 4.6.1:
├── [112M]  boot
├── [1.3G]  opt
│   ├── [1.0G]  nvidia
│   │   ├── [824M]  nsight-systems
│   │   │   └── [824M]  2022.3.3
│   │   │       ├── [553M]  host-linux-armv8
│   │   │       │   ├── [234M]
│   │   │       ├── [140M]  target-linux-sbsa-armv8
│   │   │       └── [110M]  target-linux-tegra-armv8
│   │   └── [196M]  vpi2
│   │       ├── [145M]  lib
│   │       │   └── [145M]  aarch64-linux-gnu
│   │       │       ├── [139M]
│   └── [282M]  ota_package
│       ├── [157M]  t19x
│       └── [125M]  t23x
├── [188M]  sys
│   ├── [150M]  devices
│   │   ├── [128M]  platform
├── [ 14G]  usr
│   ├── [461M]  bin
│   ├── [8.1G]  lib
│   │   ├── [6.2G]  aarch64-linux-gnu
│   │   │   ├── [873M]  dri
│   │   │   ├── [139M]
│   │   │   ├── [141M]  libcudnn_adv_infer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [104M]
│   │   │   ├── [106M]  libcudnn_adv_train_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [804M]
│   │   │   ├── [1.0G]  libcudnn_cnn_infer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [101M]
│   │   │   ├── [150M]  libcudnn_cnn_train_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [201M]
│   │   │   ├── [277M]
│   │   │   ├── [795M]  libnvinfer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [270M]  tegra
│   │   ├── [196M]  firefox
│   │   │   ├── [120M]
│   │   ├── [644M]  firmware
│   │   │   ├── [140M]  netronome
│   │   ├── [262M]  libreoffice
│   │   │   ├── [192M]  program
│   │   ├── [173M]  python3
│   │   │   └── [173M]  dist-packages
│   │   ├── [110M]  snapd
│   │   ├── [199M]  thunderbird
│   │   │   ├── [119M]
│   ├── [3.8G]  local
│   │   ├── [3.8G]  cuda-11.4
│   │   │   ├── [157M]  samples
│   │   │   ├── [3.5G]  targets
│   │   │   │   └── [3.5G]  aarch64-linux
│   │   │   │       └── [3.5G]  lib
│   │   │   │           ├── [354M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [480M]  libcublasLt_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [160M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [203M]  libcublas_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [167M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [206M]  libcufft_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [179M]  libcufft_static_nocallback.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [247M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [208M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [202M]  libcusolver_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [220M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [245M]  libcusparse_static.a
│   ├── [673M]  share
│   │   ├── [169M]  fonts
│   │   ├── [110M]  icons
│   └── [828M]  src
│       ├── [133M]  nvidia
│       └── [525M]  tensorrt
│           ├── [521M]  data
│           │   ├── [294M]  resnet50
└── [327M]  var
    ├── [109M]  cache
    ├── [206M]  lib
    │   ├── [150M]  apt
    │   │   ├── [150M]  lists
├── [109M]  boot
├── [1.1G]  opt
│   ├── [861M]  nvidia
│   │   ├── [724M]  nsight-systems
│   │   │   └── [724M]  2022.2.3
│   │   │       ├── [472M]  host-linux-armv8
│   │   │       │   ├── [234M]
│   │   │       ├── [115M]  target-linux-sbsa-armv8
│   │   │       └── [116M]  target-linux-tegra-armv8
│   │   └── [121M]  vpi2
│   └── [279M]  ota_package
│       ├── [165M]  t19x
│       └── [114M]  t23x
├── [110M]  sys
├── [ 12G]  usr
│   ├── [354M]  bin
│   ├── [7.0G]  lib
│   │   ├── [6.6G]  aarch64-linux-gnu
│   │   │   ├── [873M]  dri
│   │   │   ├── [154M]
│   │   │   ├── [157M]  libcudnn_adv_infer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [104M]
│   │   │   ├── [106M]  libcudnn_adv_train_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [863M]
│   │   │   ├── [1.1G]  libcudnn_cnn_infer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [101M]
│   │   │   ├── [149M]  libcudnn_cnn_train_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [228M]
│   │   │   ├── [451M]
│   │   │   ├── [1.1G]  libnvinfer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [229M]  tegra
│   ├── [3.8G]  local
│   │   ├── [3.8G]  cuda-11.4
│   │   │   ├── [157M]  samples
│   │   │   ├── [3.5G]  targets
│   │   │   │   └── [3.5G]  aarch64-linux
│   │   │   │       └── [3.5G]  lib
│   │   │   │           ├── [354M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [480M]  libcublasLt_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [160M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [203M]  libcublas_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [167M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [206M]  libcufft_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [179M]  libcufft_static_nocallback.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [247M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [208M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [202M]  libcusolver_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [220M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [245M]  libcusparse_static.a
│   ├── [250M]  share
│   └── [762M]  src
│       └── [525M]  tensorrt
│           ├── [521M]  data
│           │   ├── [294M]  resnet50
└── [206M]  var
    ├── [169M]  lib
    │   ├── [141M]  apt
    │   │   ├── [141M]  lists
├── [442M]  lib
│   ├── [325M]  firmware
├── [298M]  opt
│   ├── [123M]  nvidia
│   │   └── [107M]  vpi1
│   └── [175M]  ota_package
│       └── [150M]  t19x
├── [359M]  sys
│   ├── [258M]  kernel
│   │   ├── [238M]  slab
├── [ 10G]  usr
│   ├── [466M]  bin
│   ├── [5.0G]  lib
│   │   ├── [3.7G]  aarch64-linux-gnu
│   │   │   ├── [535M]  dri
│   │   │   ├── [104M]
│   │   │   ├── [396M]
│   │   │   ├── [121M]
│   │   │   ├── [810M]  libcudnn_static_v8.a
│   │   │   ├── [157M]
│   │   │   ├── [345M]  libnvinfer_static.a
│   │   │   ├── [142M]  tegra
│   │   ├── [296M]  chromium-browser
│   │   │   ├── [176M]  chromium-browser
│   │   ├── [265M]  libreoffice
│   │   │   ├── [207M]  program
│   │   ├── [185M]  python3
│   │   │   └── [185M]  dist-packages
│   │   ├── [200M]  thunderbird
│   │   │   ├── [119M]
│   ├── [2.8G]  local
│   │   ├── [2.8G]  cuda-10.2
│   │   │   ├── [328M]  doc
│   │   │   │   ├── [209M]  html
│   │   │   │   └── [116M]  pdf
│   │   │   ├── [203M]  samples
│   │   │   ├── [2.2G]  targets
│   │   │   │   └── [2.2G]  aarch64-linux
│   │   │   │       └── [2.2G]  lib
│   │   │   │           ├── [192M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [184M]  libcufft_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [201M]  libcufft_static_nocallback.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [209M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [118M]  libcusolver_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [135M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [143M]  libcusparse_static.a
│   │   │   │           ├── [157M]
│   │   │   │           ├── [160M]  libnvgraph_static.a
│   ├── [988M]  share
│   │   ├── [162M]  fonts
│   │   ├── [117M]  locale
│   └── [754M]  src
│       └── [536M]  tensorrt
│           ├── [532M]  data
│           │   ├── [294M]  resnet50
└── [1.4G]  var
    ├── [1.0G]  cuda-repo-l4t-10-2-local
    │   ├── [105M]  libcufft-10-2_10.1.2.300-1_arm64.deb
    │   ├── [188M]  libcufft-dev-10-2_10.1.2.300-1_arm64.deb
    ├── [201M]  lib
    │   ├── [136M]  apt
    │   │   ├── [136M]  lists

Above 10MB

For listing directories and files over 10MB:

sudo bash -c "cd /; tree --du  -h  | grep -E \"\[[0-9[:space:]][0-9]*M]|G]\""

dpkg-query with Size

dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size;8} KiB \t${Package;-30}\t${binary:Summary}\n'
Example outputs of the dpkg-query command:

Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit with JetPack 5.0.2

    624 KiB     adduser                         add and remove users and groups
   5135 KiB     adwaita-icon-theme              default icon theme of GNOME (small subset)
    338 KiB     alsa-ucm-conf                   ALSA Use Case Manager configuration files
   2348 KiB     alsa-utils                      Utilities for configuring and using ALSA
   1884 KiB     apparmor                        user-space parser utility for AppArmor
    792 KiB     apport                          automatically generate crash reports for debugging
     61 KiB     apport-symptoms                 symptom scripts for apport
   4009 KiB     apt                             commandline package manager
    387 KiB     base-files                      Debian base system miscellaneous files
    229 KiB     base-passwd                     Debian base system master password and group files
   1680 KiB     bash                            GNU Bourne Again SHell
    218 KiB     bc                              GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
    228 KiB     binfmt-support                  Support for extra binary formats
    107 KiB     binutils                        GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
  13184 KiB     binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu      GNU binary utilities, for aarch64-linux-gnu target
    424 KiB     binutils-common                 Common files for the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
   4782 KiB     bluez                           Bluetooth tools and daemons
    109 KiB     bridge-utils                    Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge
    585 KiB     bsdmainutils                    collection of more utilities from FreeBSD
    284 KiB     bsdutils                        basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
     95 KiB     bubblewrap                      setuid wrapper for unprivileged chroot and namespace manipulation
     21 KiB     build-essential                 Informational list of build-essential packages
    175 KiB     bzip2                           high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
    380 KiB     ca-certificates                 Common CA certificates
    103 KiB     ca-certificates-mono            Common CA certificates (Mono keystore)
    517 KiB     can-utils                       SocketCAN userspace utilities and tools
    265 KiB     cli-common                      common files between all CLI packages
    428 KiB     console-setup                   console font and keymap setup program
   1766 KiB     console-setup-linux             Linux specific part of console-setup
 122369 KiB     containerd                      daemon to control runC
   6480 KiB     coreutils                       GNU core utilities
     64 KiB     cpp                             GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
  19215 KiB     cpp-9                           GNU C preprocessor
    269 KiB     crda                            wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent
    512 KiB     cryptsetup-bin                  disk encryption support - command line tools
  12351 KiB     cuda-cccl-11-4                  CUDA CCCL
      7 KiB     cuda-command-line-tools-11-4    CUDA command-line tools
      7 KiB     cuda-compiler-11-4              CUDA compiler
    731 KiB     cuda-cudart-11-4                CUDA Runtime native Libraries
   4963 KiB     cuda-cudart-dev-11-4            CUDA Runtime native dev links, headers
    279 KiB     cuda-cuobjdump-11-4             CUDA cuobjdump
  21777 KiB     cuda-cupti-11-4                 CUDA profiling tools runtime libs.
   1308 KiB     cuda-cupti-dev-11-4             CUDA profiling tools interface.
   1553 KiB     cuda-cuxxfilt-11-4              CUDA cuxxfilt
    378 KiB     cuda-documentation-11-4         CUDA documentation
    131 KiB     cuda-driver-dev-11-4            CUDA Driver native dev stub library
  13984 KiB     cuda-gdb-11-4                   CUDA-GDB
      7 KiB     cuda-libraries-11-4             CUDA Libraries 11.4 meta-package
      7 KiB     cuda-libraries-dev-11-4         CUDA Libraries 11.4 development meta-package
 100442 KiB     cuda-nvcc-11-4                  CUDA nvcc
  32610 KiB     cuda-nvdisasm-11-4              CUDA disassembler
    559 KiB     cuda-nvml-dev-11-4              NVML native dev links, headers
     88 KiB     cuda-nvprof-11-4                CUDA Profiler tools
    154 KiB     cuda-nvprune-11-4               CUDA nvprune
  46801 KiB     cuda-nvrtc-11-4                 NVRTC native runtime libraries
    117 KiB     cuda-nvrtc-dev-11-4             NVRTC native dev links, headers
    444 KiB     cuda-nvtx-11-4                  NVIDIA Tools Extension
 161640 KiB     cuda-samples-11-4               CUDA example applications
  26027 KiB     cuda-sanitizer-11-4             CUDA Sanitizer
     14 KiB     cuda-toolkit-11-4               CUDA Toolkit 11.4 meta-package
     70 KiB     cuda-toolkit-11-4-config-commo  Common config package for CUDA Toolkit 11.4.
     74 KiB     cuda-toolkit-11-config-common   Common config package for CUDA Toolkit 11.
     74 KiB     cuda-toolkit-config-common      Common config package for CUDA Toolkit.
      7 KiB     cuda-tools-11-4                 CUDA Tools meta-package
     10 KiB     cuda-visual-tools-11-4          CUDA visual tools
    220 KiB     dash                            POSIX-compliant shell
    574 KiB     dbus                            simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilities)
    126 KiB     dbus-user-session               simple interprocess messaging system (systemd --user integration)
    152 KiB     dbus-x11                        simple interprocess messaging system (X11 deps)
     78 KiB     dconf-gsettings-backend         simple configuration storage system - GSettings back-end
    110 KiB     dconf-service                   simple configuration storage system - D-Bus service
    520 KiB     debconf                         Debian configuration management system
    217 KiB     debianutils                     Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
    446 KiB     device-tree-compiler            Device Tree Compiler for Flat Device Trees
    496 KiB     diffutils                       File comparison utilities
    872 KiB     dirmngr                         GNU privacy guard - network certificate management service
     17 KiB     distro-info-data                information about the distributions' releases (data files)
    277 KiB     dmsetup                         Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
     18 KiB     dns-root-data                   DNS root data including root zone and DNSSEC key
    760 KiB     dnsmasq-base                    Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server
 131139 KiB                       Linux container runtime
   6704 KiB     dpkg                            Debian package management system
   2075 KiB     dpkg-dev                        Debian package development tools
   1406 KiB     e2fsprogs                       ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
    219 KiB     fakeroot                        tool for simulating superuser privileges
    486 KiB     fdisk                           collection of partitioning utilities
     82 KiB     file                            Recognize the type of data in a file using "magic" numbers
    648 KiB     findutils                       utilities for finding files--find, xargs
   2008 KiB     fio                             flexible I/O tester
    333 KiB     fontconfig                      generic font configuration library - support binaries
    170 KiB     fontconfig-config               generic font configuration library - configuration
   2954 KiB     fonts-dejavu-core               Vera font family derivate with additional characters
     99 KiB     fuse                            Filesystem in Userspace
     16 KiB     g++                             GNU C++ compiler
  20922 KiB     g++-9                           GNU C++ compiler
     50 KiB     gcc                             GNU C compiler
    265 KiB     gcc-10-base                     GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
  22627 KiB     gcc-9                           GNU C compiler
    265 KiB     gcc-9-base                      GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
   1893 KiB     gdal-data                       Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - Data files
    789 KiB     gdbserver                       GNU Debugger (remote server)
    804 KiB     gdisk                           GPT fdisk text-mode partitioning tool
    650 KiB     gir1.2-glib-2.0                 Introspection data for GLib, GObject, Gio and GModule
    237 KiB     gir1.2-gst-plugins-bad-1.0      GObject introspection data for the GStreamer libraries from the "bad" set
    469 KiB     gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0     GObject introspection data for the GStreamer Plugins Base library
   1427 KiB     gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0            GObject introspection data for the GStreamer library
  34904 KiB     git                             fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
   1779 KiB     git-man                         fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (manual pages)
    187 KiB     glib-networking                 network-related giomodules for GLib
     52 KiB     glib-networking-common          network-related giomodules for GLib - data files
     47 KiB     glib-networking-services        network-related giomodules for GLib - D-Bus services
    413 KiB     gnupg                           GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
    380 KiB     gnupg-l10n                      GNU privacy guard - localization files
   1485 KiB     gnupg-utils                     GNU privacy guard - utility programs
   1107 KiB     gpg                             GNU Privacy Guard -- minimalist public key operations
    878 KiB     gpg-agent                       GNU privacy guard - cryptographic agent
    275 KiB     gpg-wks-client                  GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service client
    247 KiB     gpg-wks-server                  GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service server
    389 KiB     gpgconf                         GNU privacy guard - core configuration utilities
    548 KiB     gpgsm                           GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version
    487 KiB     gpgv                            GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
     81 KiB     graphsurgeon-tf                 GraphSurgeon for TensorRT package
    472 KiB     grep                            GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
   3526 KiB     groff-base                      GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
    284 KiB     gsettings-desktop-schemas       GSettings desktop-wide schemas
    200 KiB     gstreamer1.0-alsa               GStreamer plugin for ALSA
    381 KiB     gstreamer1.0-libav              ffmpeg plugin for GStreamer
   6406 KiB     gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad        GStreamer plugins from the "bad" set
   2087 KiB     gstreamer1.0-plugins-base       GStreamer plugins from the "base" set
   5696 KiB     gstreamer1.0-plugins-good       GStreamer plugins from the "good" set
    828 KiB     gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly       GStreamer plugins from the "ugly" set
   1234 KiB     gstreamer1.0-tools              Tools for use with GStreamer
    324 KiB     gstreamer1.0-x                  GStreamer plugins for X11 and Pango
    146 KiB     gtk-update-icon-cache           icon theme caching utility
    244 KiB     gzip                            GNU compression utilities
     73 KiB     haveged                         Linux entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm
    440 KiB     hicolor-icon-theme              default fallback theme for icon themes
     46 KiB     hostname                        utility to set/show the host name or domain name
  20754 KiB     humanity-icon-theme             Humanity Icon theme
    272 KiB     i2c-tools                       heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux
    133 KiB     init-system-helpers             helper tools for all init systems
   2680 KiB     iproute2                        networking and traffic control tools
   2096 KiB     iptables                        administration tools for packet filtering and NAT
    108 KiB     iputils-ping                    Tools to test the reachability of network hosts
    722 KiB     isc-dhcp-client                 DHCP client for automatically obtaining an IP address
   1479 KiB     isc-dhcp-server                 ISC DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
  19553 KiB     iso-codes                       ISO language, territory, currency, script codes and their translations
    275 KiB     iw                              tool for configuring Linux wireless devices
     52 KiB     jetson-gpio-common              Jetson GPIO library package (common files)
   1272 KiB     kbd                             Linux console font and keytable utilities
    827 KiB     keyboard-configuration          system-wide keyboard preferences
    247 KiB     kmod                            tools for managing Linux kernel modules
      9 KiB     language-pack-en                translation updates for language English
   3828 KiB     language-pack-en-base           translations for language English
    301 KiB     less                            pager program similar to more
     66 KiB     liba52-0.7.4                    library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
    146 KiB     libaa1                          ASCII art library
     65 KiB     libacl1                         access control list - shared library
     49 KiB     libaec0                         Adaptive Entropy Coding library
     31 KiB     libaio1                         Linux kernel AIO access library - shared library
    106 KiB     libalgorithm-diff-perl          module to find differences between files
     42 KiB     libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl       module to find differences between files (XS accelerated)
     42 KiB     libalgorithm-merge-perl         Perl module for three-way merge of textual data
   2315 KiB     libaom0                         AV1 Video Codec Library
    159 KiB     libapparmor1                    changehat AppArmor library
   3107 KiB     libapt-pkg6.0                   package management runtime library
    808 KiB     libarchive13                    Multi-format archive and compression library (shared library)
     51 KiB     libargon2-1                     memory-hard hashing function - runtime library
    662 KiB     libarmadillo9                   streamlined C++ linear algebra library
    257 KiB     libarpack2                      Fortran77 subroutines to solve large scale eigenvalue problems
  14943 KiB     libasan5                        AddressSanitizer -- a fast memory error detector
    732 KiB     libasn1-8-heimdal               Heimdal Kerberos - ASN.1 library
   1098 KiB     libasound2                      shared library for ALSA applications
    215 KiB     libasound2-data                 Configuration files and profiles for ALSA drivers
    167 KiB     libass9                         library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering
    101 KiB     libassuan0                      IPC library for the GnuPG components
     39 KiB     libasyncns0                     Asynchronous name service query library
    230 KiB     libatk-bridge2.0-0              AT-SPI 2 toolkit bridge - shared library
    199 KiB     libatk1.0-0                     ATK accessibility toolkit
     44 KiB     libatk1.0-data                  Common files for the ATK accessibility toolkit
     52 KiB     libatomic1                      support library providing __atomic built-in functions
    156 KiB     libatopology2                   shared library for handling ALSA topology definitions
    235 KiB     libatspi2.0-0                   Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface - shared library
     52 KiB     libattr1                        extended attribute handling - shared library
     24 KiB     libaudit-common                 Dynamic library for security auditing - common files
    148 KiB     libaudit1                       Dynamic library for security auditing
    124 KiB     libavahi-client3                Avahi client library
    112 KiB     libavahi-common-data            Avahi common data files
    109 KiB     libavahi-common3                Avahi common library
     53 KiB     libavc1394-0                    control IEEE 1394 audio/video devices
  17329 KiB     libavcodec-dev                  FFmpeg library with de/encoders for audio/video codecs - development files
  11696 KiB     libavcodec58                    FFmpeg library with de/encoders for audio/video codecs - runtime files
   3271 KiB     libavfilter7                    FFmpeg library containing media filters - runtime files
   5298 KiB     libavformat-dev                 FFmpeg library with (de)muxers for multimedia containers - development files
   2513 KiB     libavformat58                   FFmpeg library with (de)muxers for multimedia containers - runtime files
    233 KiB     libavresample-dev               FFmpeg compatibility library for resampling - development files
    152 KiB     libavresample4                  FFmpeg compatibility library for resampling - runtime files
   1634 KiB     libavutil-dev                   FFmpeg library with functions for simplifying programming - development files
    644 KiB     libavutil56                     FFmpeg library with functions for simplifying programming - runtime files
   2092 KiB     libbinutils                     GNU binary utilities (private shared library)
    375 KiB     libblas3                        Basic Linear Algebra Reference implementations, shared library
    977 KiB     libblkid-dev                    block device ID library - headers and static libraries
    443 KiB     libblkid1                       block device ID library
    213 KiB     libbluetooth3                   Library to use the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth stack
    344 KiB     libbluray2                      Blu-ray disc playback support library (shared library)
   2105 KiB     libboost-iostreams1.71.0        Boost.Iostreams Library
   2129 KiB     libboost-thread1.71.0           portable C++ multi-threading
    694 KiB     libbrotli1                      library implementing brotli encoder and decoder (shared libraries)
     36 KiB     libbs2b0                        Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library
    191 KiB     libbsd0                         utility functions from BSD systems - shared library
     94 KiB     libbz2-1.0                      high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - runtime
   3182 KiB     libc-bin                        GNU C Library: Binaries
    422 KiB     libc-dev-bin                    GNU C Library: Development binaries
  10447 KiB     libc6                           GNU C Library: Shared libraries
  15765 KiB     libc6-dev                       GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
   1025 KiB     libcaca0                        colour ASCII art library
     94 KiB     libcairo-gobject2               Cairo 2D vector graphics library (GObject library)
   1250 KiB     libcairo2                       Cairo 2D vector graphics library
    118 KiB     libcanberra0                    simple abstract interface for playing event sounds
     37 KiB     libcap-ng0                      An alternate POSIX capabilities library
     52 KiB     libcap2                         POSIX 1003.1e capabilities (library)
    100 KiB     libcap2-bin                     POSIX 1003.1e capabilities (utilities)
     78 KiB     libcbor0.6                      library for parsing and generating CBOR (RFC 7049)
    148 KiB     libcc1-0                        GCC cc1 plugin for GDB
    287 KiB     libcdio18                       library to read and control CD-ROM
    118 KiB     libcdparanoia0                  audio extraction tool for sampling CDs (library)
   1375 KiB     libcfitsio8                     shared library for I/O with FITS format data files
    267 KiB     libcharls2                      Implementation of the JPEG-LS standard
     94 KiB     libchromaprint1                 audio fingerprint library
  14180 KiB     libcodec2-0.9                   Codec2 runtime library
    600 KiB     libcolord2                      system service to manage device colour profiles -- runtime
     91 KiB     libcom-err2                     common error description library
    328 KiB     libcrypt-dev                    libcrypt development files
    221 KiB     libcrypt1                       libcrypt shared library
    479 KiB     libcryptsetup12                 disk encryption support - shared library
    185 KiB     libctf-nobfd0                   Compact C Type Format library (runtime, no BFD dependency)
    121 KiB     libctf0                         Compact C Type Format library (runtime, BFD dependency)
 527675 KiB     libcublas-11-4                  CUBLAS native runtime libraries
 699018 KiB     libcublas-dev-11-4              CUBLAS native dev links, headers
    232 KiB     libcudla-11-4                   CUDLA native runtime libraries
    111 KiB     libcudla-dev-11-4               CUDLA native dev links, headers
1419681 KiB     libcudnn8                       cuDNN runtime libraries
1718597 KiB     libcudnn8-dev                   cuDNN development libraries and headers
   2117 KiB     libcudnn8-samples               cuDNN samples
 171408 KiB     libcufft-11-4                   CUFFT native runtime libraries
 393703 KiB     libcufft-dev-11-4               CUFFT native dev links, headers
    757 KiB     libcups2                        Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - Core library
  79647 KiB     libcurand-11-4                  CURAND native runtime libraries
  81676 KiB     libcurand-dev-11-4              CURAND native dev links, headers
    641 KiB     libcurl3-gnutls                 easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library (GnuTLS flavour)
 466273 KiB     libcusolver-11-4                CUDA solver native runtime libraries
 223245 KiB     libcusolver-dev-11-4            CUDA solver native dev links, headers
 225282 KiB     libcusparse-11-4                CUSPARSE native runtime libraries
 251151 KiB     libcusparse-dev-11-4            CUSPARSE native dev links, headers
   1535 KiB     libdap25                        Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol library
    270 KiB     libdapclient6v5                 Client library for the Network Data Access Protocol
     57 KiB     libdatrie1                      Double-array trie library
   1613 KiB     libdb5.3                        Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries [runtime]
    461 KiB     libdbus-1-3                     simple interprocess messaging system (library)
    233 KiB     libdc1394-22                    high level programming interface for IEEE 1394 digital cameras
    589 KiB     libdc1394-22-dev                high level programming interface for IEEE 1394 digital cameras - development
    181 KiB     libdca0                         decoding library for DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
    102 KiB     libdconf1                       simple configuration storage system - runtime library
    552 KiB     libde265-0                      Open H.265 video codec implementation
     69 KiB     libdebconfclient0               Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation library)
    492 KiB     libdevmapper1.02.1              Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
   2123 KiB     libdns-export1109               Exported DNS Shared Library
   2180 KiB     libdpkg-perl                    Dpkg perl modules
     80 KiB     libdrm-amdgpu1                  Userspace interface to amdgpu-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime
     45 KiB     libdrm-common                   Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- common files
    695 KiB     libdrm-dev                      Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- development files
     62 KiB     libdrm-etnaviv1                 Userspace interface to etnaviv-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime
     79 KiB     libdrm-freedreno1               Userspace interface to msm/kgsl kernel DRM services -- runtime
     74 KiB     libdrm-nouveau2                 Userspace interface to nouveau-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime
     83 KiB     libdrm-radeon1                  Userspace interface to radeon-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime
     49 KiB     libdrm-tegra0                   Userspace interface to tegra-specific kernel DRM services -- runtime
    116 KiB     libdrm2                         Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime
    143 KiB     libdv4                          software library for DV format digital video (runtime lib)
    116 KiB     libdvdnav4                      DVD navigation library
    143 KiB     libdvdread7                     library for reading DVDs
    242 KiB     libedit2                        BSD editline and history libraries
    117 KiB     libegl-dev                      Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- EGL development files
    332 KiB     libegl-mesa0                    free implementation of the EGL API -- Mesa vendor library
    108 KiB     libegl1                         Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- EGL support
     70 KiB     libegl1-mesa                    transitional dummy package
     79 KiB     libegl1-mesa-dev                free implementation of the EGL API -- development files
    192 KiB     libelf1                         library to read and write ELF files
   1448 KiB     libepoxy0                       OpenGL function pointer management library
    110 KiB     libepsilon1                     Library for wavelet image compression
     71 KiB     liberror-perl                   Perl module for error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
     25 KiB     libestr0                        Helper functions for handling strings (lib)
    131 KiB     libevdev2                       wrapper library for evdev devices
    392 KiB     libevent-2.1-7                  Asynchronous event notification library
    262 KiB     libevent-core-2.1-7             Asynchronous event notification library (core)
     41 KiB     libevent-pthreads-2.1-7         Asynchronous event notification library (pthreads)
    508 KiB     libexif-dev                     library to parse EXIF files (development files)
    360 KiB     libexif12                       library to parse EXIF files
    354 KiB     libexpat1                       XML parsing C library - runtime library
    535 KiB     libext2fs2                      ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries
    497 KiB     libfaad2                        freeware Advanced Audio Decoder - runtime files
    161 KiB     libfakeroot                     tool for simulating superuser privileges - shared libraries
     57 KiB     libfastjson4                    fast json library for C
    549 KiB     libfdisk1                       fdisk partitioning library
     58 KiB     libfdt1                         Flat Device Trees manipulation library
    271 KiB     libffi-dev                      Foreign Function Interface library (development files)
     57 KiB     libffi7                         Foreign Function Interface library runtime
    830 KiB     libfftw3-double3                Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - Double precision
   1382 KiB     libfftw3-single3                Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms - Single precision
    160 KiB     libfido2-1                      library for generating and verifying FIDO 2.0 objects
    248 KiB     libflac8                        Free Lossless Audio Codec - runtime C library
  26566 KiB     libflite1                       Small run-time speech synthesis engine - shared libraries
    502 KiB     libfluidsynth2                  Real-time MIDI software synthesizer (runtime library)
    313 KiB     libfontconfig1                  generic font configuration library - runtime
     42 KiB     libfontenc1                     X11 font encoding library
    780 KiB     libfreetype6                    FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
     90 KiB     libfreexl1                      library for direct reading of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
    135 KiB     libfribidi0                     Free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
    300 KiB     libfuse2                        Filesystem in Userspace (library)
    293 KiB     libfyba0                        FYBA library to read and write Norwegian geodata standard format SOSI
    456 KiB     libgail-common                  GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- common modules
     97 KiB     libgail18                       GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- shared libraries
    139 KiB     libgbm1                         generic buffer management API -- runtime
   9948 KiB     libgcc-9-dev                    GCC support library (development files)
     95 KiB     libgcc-s1                       GCC support library
     95 KiB     libgcc1                         GCC support library (dependency package)
    835 KiB     libgcrypt20                     LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
    436 KiB     libgd3                          GD Graphics Library
  18671 KiB     libgdal26                       Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
     40 KiB     libgdbm-compat4                 GNU dbm database routines (legacy support runtime version) 
     82 KiB     libgdbm6                        GNU dbm database routines (runtime version) 
   2973 KiB     libgdcm-dev                     Grassroots DICOM development libraries and headers
  10912 KiB     libgdcm3.0                      Grassroots DICOM runtime libraries
    540 KiB     libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0              GDK Pixbuf library
     52 KiB     libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common         GDK Pixbuf library - data files
   2055 KiB     libgeos-3.8.0                   Geometry engine for Geographic Information Systems - C++ Library
    294 KiB     libgeos-c1v5                    Geometry engine for Geographic Information Systems - C Library
    246 KiB     libgeotiff5                     GeoTIFF (geografic enabled TIFF) library -- run-time files
    221 KiB     libgfapi0                       GlusterFS gfapi shared library
   1513 KiB     libgfortran5                    Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications
    289 KiB     libgfrpc0                       GlusterFS libgfrpc shared library
    140 KiB     libgfxdr0                       GlusterFS libgfxdr shared library
     68 KiB     libgif7                         library for GIF images (library)
    249 KiB     libgirepository-1.0-1           Library for handling GObject introspection data (runtime library)
   1356 KiB     libgl-dev                       Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GL development files
   1041 KiB     libgl1                          Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- legacy GL support
     70 KiB     libgl1-mesa-dev                 transitional dummy package
 893647 KiB     libgl1-mesa-dri                 free implementation of the OpenGL API -- DRI modules
     87 KiB     libgl2ps1.4                     Lib providing high quality vector output for OpenGL application
    501 KiB     libglapi-mesa                   free implementation of the GL API -- shared library
    701 KiB     libgles-dev                     Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GLES development files
    170 KiB     libgles1                        Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GLESv1 support
    182 KiB     libgles2                        Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GLESv2 support
     70 KiB     libgles2-mesa                   transitional dummy package
     70 KiB     libgles2-mesa-dev               transitional dummy package
   4042 KiB     libglib2.0-0                    GLib library of C routines
    306 KiB     libglib2.0-bin                  Programs for the GLib library
    283 KiB     libglib2.0-cil                  CLI binding for the GLib utility library 2.12
    150 KiB     libglib2.0-cil-dev              CLI binding for the GLib utility library 2.12
    104 KiB     libglib2.0-data                 Common files for GLib library
  10542 KiB     libglib2.0-dev                  Development files for the GLib library
    611 KiB     libglib2.0-dev-bin              Development utilities for the GLib library
  21460 KiB     libglib2.0-doc                  Documentation files for the GLib library
   8779 KiB     libglib2.0-tests                GLib library of C routines - installed tests
    415 KiB     libglu1-mesa                    Mesa OpenGL utility library (GLU)
   1104 KiB     libglusterfs0                   GlusterFS shared library
     65 KiB     libglvnd-dev                    Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- development files
   1509 KiB     libglvnd0                       Vendor neutral GL dispatch library
     89 KiB     libglx-dev                      Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GLX development files
    623 KiB     libglx-mesa0                    free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX vendor library
    159 KiB     libglx0                         Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- GLX support
    289 KiB     libgme0                         Playback library for video game music files - shared library
    519 KiB     libgmp10                        Multiprecision arithmetic library
   2240 KiB     libgnutls30                     GNU TLS library - main runtime library
    274 KiB     libgomp1                        GCC OpenMP (GOMP) support library
    168 KiB     libgpg-error0                   GnuPG development runtime library
   3144 KiB     libgphoto2-6                    gphoto2 digital camera library
   3596 KiB     libgphoto2-dev                  gphoto2 digital camera library (development files)
    308 KiB     libgphoto2-port12               gphoto2 digital camera port library
     59 KiB     libgpm2                         General Purpose Mouse - shared library
    163 KiB     libgraphite2-3                  Font rendering engine for Complex Scripts -- library
     67 KiB     libgsm1                         Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor
    410 KiB     libgssapi-krb5-2                MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - krb5 GSS-API Mechanism
    300 KiB     libgssapi3-heimdal              Heimdal Kerberos - GSSAPI support library
    111 KiB     libgssdp-1.2-0                  GObject-based library for SSDP
    588 KiB     libgstreamer-gl1.0-0            GStreamer GL libraries
    165 KiB     libgstreamer-opencv1.0-0        GStreamer OpenCV libraries
   1026 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0   GStreamer libraries from the "bad" set
   1142 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-de  GStreamer development files for libraries from the "bad" set
   2456 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0  GStreamer libraries from the "base" set
   4926 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-d  GStreamer development files for libraries from the "base" set
    195 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-good1.0-0  GStreamer development files for libraries from the "good" set
    184 KiB     libgstreamer-plugins-good1.0-d  GStreamer development files for libraries from the "good" set
   3856 KiB     libgstreamer1.0-0               Core GStreamer libraries and elements
   4936 KiB     libgstreamer1.0-0-dbg           Core GStreamer libraries and elements
   6671 KiB     libgstreamer1.0-dev             GStreamer core development files
   9816 KiB     libgtk-3-0                      GTK graphical user interface library
    420 KiB     libgtk-3-common                 common files for the GTK graphical user interface library
   5840 KiB     libgtk2.0-0                     GTK graphical user interface library - old version
     70 KiB     libgtk2.0-bin                   programs for the GTK graphical user interface library
    268 KiB     libgtk2.0-common                common files for the GTK graphical user interface library
     60 KiB     libgudev-1.0-0                  GObject-based wrapper library for libudev
    244 KiB     libgupnp-1.2-0                  GObject-based library for UPnP
     51 KiB     libgupnp-igd-1.0-4              library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
    991 KiB     libharfbuzz0b                   OpenType text shaping engine (shared library)
    121 KiB     libhavege1                      entropy source using the HAVEGE algorithm - shared library
    274 KiB     libhcrypto4-heimdal             Heimdal Kerberos - crypto library
    724 KiB     libhdf4-0-alt                   Hierarchical Data Format library (without NetCDF)
   4536 KiB     libhdf5-103                     Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - runtime files - serial version
   4658 KiB     libhdf5-openmpi-103             Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - runtime files - OpenMPI version
    104 KiB     libheimbase1-heimdal            Heimdal Kerberos - Base library
     81 KiB     libheimntlm0-heimdal            Heimdal Kerberos - NTLM support library
    237 KiB     libhogweed5                     low level cryptographic library (public-key cryptos)
     70 KiB     libhwloc-plugins                Hierarchical view of the machine - plugins
    312 KiB     libhwloc15                      Hierarchical view of the machine - shared libs
    348 KiB     libhx509-5-heimdal              Heimdal Kerberos - X509 support library
     28 KiB     libi2c0                         userspace I2C programming library
    159 KiB     libibverbs1                     Library for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP)
    108 KiB     libice6                         X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
  32597 KiB     libicu66                        International Components for Unicode
    239 KiB     libidn11                        GNU Libidn library, implementation of IETF IDN specifications
    208 KiB     libidn2-0                       Internationalized domain names (IDNA2008/TR46) library
     74 KiB     libiec61883-0                   partial implementation of IEC 61883 (shared lib)
    587 KiB     libilmbase-dev                  development files for IlmBase
    523 KiB     libilmbase24                    several utility libraries from ILM used by OpenEXR
    110 KiB     libinput-bin                    input device management and event handling library - udev quirks
    312 KiB     libinput10                      input device management and event handling library - shared library
    816 KiB     libinstpatch-1.0-2              MIDI instrument editing library
     78 KiB     libip4tc2                       netfilter libip4tc library
     78 KiB     libip6tc2                       netfilter libip6tc library
     86 KiB     libirs-export161                Exported IRS Shared Library
    497 KiB     libisc-export1105               Exported ISC Shared Library
    215 KiB     libisccfg-export163             Exported ISC CFG Shared Library
   1946 KiB     libisl22                        manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints
    110 KiB     libitm1                         GNU Transactional Memory Library
     56 KiB     libiw30                         Wireless tools - library
   1098 KiB     libjack-jackd2-0                JACK Audio Connection Kit (libraries)
     79 KiB     libjansson4                     C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
     80 KiB     libjbig-dev                     JBIGkit development files
     69 KiB     libjbig0                        JBIGkit libraries
     26 KiB     libjpeg-dev                     Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package)
    286 KiB     libjpeg-turbo8                  IJG JPEG compliant runtime library.
    582 KiB     libjpeg-turbo8-dev              Development files for the IJG JPEG library
     26 KiB     libjpeg8                        Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package)
     26 KiB     libjpeg8-dev                    Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package)
    729 KiB     libjs-jquery                    JavaScript library for dynamic web applications
     88 KiB     libjson-c4                      JSON manipulation library - shared library
    190 KiB     libjson-glib-1.0-0              GLib JSON manipulation library
     40 KiB     libjson-glib-1.0-common         GLib JSON manipulation library (common files)
    221 KiB     libjsoncpp1                     library for reading and writing JSON for C++
    291 KiB     libk5crypto3                    MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - Crypto Library
    104 KiB     libkate1                        Codec for karaoke and text encapsulation
     42 KiB     libkeyutils1                    Linux Key Management Utilities (library)
    143 KiB     libkmlbase1                     Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - libkmlbase
    721 KiB     libkmldom1                      Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - libkmldom
    264 KiB     libkmlengine1                   Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - libkmlengine
    129 KiB     libkmod2                        libkmod shared library
    644 KiB     libkrb5-26-heimdal              Heimdal Kerberos - libraries
   1097 KiB     libkrb5-3                       MIT Kerberos runtime libraries
    163 KiB     libkrb5support0                 MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - Support library
    226 KiB     libksba8                        X.509 and CMS support library
   5335 KiB     liblapack3                      Library of linear algebra routines 3 - shared version
    377 KiB     liblcms2-2                      Little CMS 2 color management library
    511 KiB     libldap-2.4-2                   OpenLDAP libraries
    102 KiB     libldap-common                  OpenLDAP common files for libraries
   2663 KiB     liblept5                        image processing library
    126 KiB     liblilv-0-0                     library for simple use of LV2 plugins
  81948 KiB     libllvm12                       Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, runtime library
     54 KiB     liblocale-gettext-perl          module using libc functions for internationalization in Perl
   3199 KiB     liblsan0                        LeakSanitizer -- a memory leak detector (runtime)
    418 KiB     libltdl7                        System independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool
    140 KiB     liblz4-1                        Fast LZ compression algorithm library - runtime
    575 KiB     liblzma-dev                     XZ-format compression library - development files
    251 KiB     liblzma5                        XZ-format compression library
    150 KiB     liblzo2-2                       data compression library
   5723 KiB     libmagic-mgc                    File type determination library using "magic" numbers (compiled magic file)
    208 KiB     libmagic1                       Recognize the type of data in a file using "magic" numbers - library
    401 KiB     libmbim-glib4                   Support library to use the MBIM protocol
     32 KiB     libmbim-proxy                   Proxy to communicate with MBIM ports
     55 KiB     libminizip1                     compression library - minizip library
     69 KiB     libmjpegutils-2.1-0             MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
   1037 KiB     libmm-glib0                     D-Bus service for managing modems - shared libraries
     74 KiB     libmms0                         MMS stream protocol library - shared library
     42 KiB     libmnl0                         minimalistic Netlink communication library
    307 KiB     libmodplug1                     shared libraries for mod music based on ModPlug
    111 KiB     libmono-btls-interface4.0-cil   Mono Mono.Btls.Interface library (for CLI 4.0)
   4780 KiB     libmono-corlib4.5-cil           Mono core library (for CLI 4.5)
    153 KiB     libmono-i18n-west4.0-cil        Mono I18N.West library (for CLI 4.0)
    122 KiB     libmono-i18n4.0-cil             Mono I18N base library (for CLI 4.0)
    339 KiB     libmono-security4.0-cil         Mono Security library (for CLI 4.0)
    210 KiB     libmono-system-configuration4.  Mono System.Configuration library (for CLI 4.0)
   1225 KiB     libmono-system-core4.0-cil      Mono System.Core library (for CLI 4.0)
    208 KiB     libmono-system-numerics4.0-cil  Mono System.Numerics library (for CLI 4.0)
    408 KiB     libmono-system-security4.0-cil  Mono System.Security library (for CLI 4.0)
   3371 KiB     libmono-system-xml4.0-cil       Mono System.Xml library (for CLI 4.0)
   2791 KiB     libmono-system4.0-cil           Mono System libraries (for CLI 4.0)
   1006 KiB     libmount-dev                    device mounting library - headers and static libraries
    478 KiB     libmount1                       device mounting library
    301 KiB     libmp3lame0                     MP3 encoding library
    109 KiB     libmpc3                         multiple precision complex floating-point library
     80 KiB     libmpcdec6                      MusePack decoder - library
    235 KiB     libmpdec2                       library for decimal floating point arithmetic (runtime library)
    134 KiB     libmpeg2-4                      MPEG1 and MPEG2 video decoder library
    173 KiB     libmpeg2encpp-2.1-0             MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
   1044 KiB     libmpfr6                        multiple precision floating-point computation
    292 KiB     libmpg123-0                     MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio decoder (shared library)
    129 KiB     libmplex2-2.1-0                 MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (library)
     54 KiB     libmtdev1                       Multitouch Protocol Translation Library - shared library
    109 KiB     libmysofa1                      library to read HRTFs stored in the AES69-2015 SOFA format
   7308 KiB     libmysqlclient21                MySQL database client library
    308 KiB     libncurses6                     shared libraries for terminal handling
    392 KiB     libncursesw6                    shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)
     40 KiB     libndp0                         Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol
    153 KiB     libnetcdf-c++4                  legacy NetCDF C++ interface
   1278 KiB     libnetcdf15                     Interface for scientific data access to large binary data
    134 KiB     libnetfilter-conntrack3         Netfilter netlink-conntrack library
    384 KiB     libnettle7                      low level cryptographic library (symmetric and one-way cryptos)
    188 KiB     libnewt0.52                     Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode windowing with slang
     40 KiB     libnfnetlink0                   Netfilter netlink library
    216 KiB     libnftnl11                      Netfilter nftables userspace API library
    208 KiB     libnghttp2-14                   library implementing HTTP/2 protocol (shared library)
    362 KiB     libnice10                       ICE library (shared library)
    176 KiB     libnl-3-200                     library for dealing with netlink sockets
     52 KiB     libnl-genl-3-200                library for dealing with netlink sockets - generic netlink
    531 KiB     libnl-route-3-200               library for dealing with netlink sockets - route interface
   1394 KiB     libnm0                          GObject-based client library for NetworkManager
    666 KiB     libnorm1                        NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) library
 207464 KiB     libnpp-11-4                     NPP native runtime libraries
 219342 KiB     libnpp-dev-11-4                 NPP native dev links, headers
     32 KiB     libnpth0                        replacement for GNU Pth using system threads
    310 KiB     libnspr4                        NetScape Portable Runtime Library
    403 KiB     libnss-systemd                  nss module providing dynamic user and group name resolution
   3653 KiB     libnss3                         Network Security Service libraries
     68 KiB     libnuma1                        Libraries for controlling NUMA policy
     67 KiB     libnvidia-container-tools       NVIDIA container runtime library (command-line tools)
    163 KiB     libnvidia-container0            NVIDIA container runtime library
   3082 KiB     libnvidia-container1            NVIDIA container runtime library
    458 KiB     libnvinfer-bin                  TensorRT binaries
1157390 KiB     libnvinfer-dev                  TensorRT development libraries and headers
  15924 KiB     libnvinfer-doc                  TensorRT documentation
  29878 KiB     libnvinfer-plugin-dev           TensorRT plugin libraries
  27016 KiB     libnvinfer-plugin8              TensorRT plugin libraries
 536874 KiB     libnvinfer-samples              TensorRT samples
 694687 KiB     libnvinfer8                     TensorRT runtime libraries
   2759 KiB     libnvonnxparsers-dev            TensorRT ONNX libraries
   2760 KiB     libnvonnxparsers8               TensorRT ONNX libraries
   4730 KiB     libnvparsers-dev                TensorRT parsers libraries
   3374 KiB     libnvparsers8                   TensorRT parsers libraries
 131734 KiB     libnvvpi2                       NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface library
    569 KiB     libodbc1                        ODBC library for Unix
    155 KiB     libofa0                         library for acoustic fingerprinting
    568 KiB     libogdi4.1                      Open Geographic Datastore Interface Library -- library
     62 KiB     libogg0                         Ogg bitstream library
    206 KiB     libopenal-data                  Software implementation of the OpenAL audio API (data files)
    930 KiB     libopenal1                      Software implementation of the OpenAL audio API (shared library)
    175 KiB     libopencore-amrnb0              Adaptive Multi Rate speech codec - shared library
     92 KiB     libopencore-amrwb0              Adaptive Multi-Rate - Wideband speech codec - shared library
  61984 KiB     libopencv                       Open Computer Vision Library
   1365 KiB     libopencv-calib3d4.2            computer vision Camera Calibration library
   8383 KiB     libopencv-contrib4.2            computer vision contrlib library
   2693 KiB     libopencv-core4.2               computer vision core library
   6336 KiB     libopencv-dev                   Open Computer Vision Library
   2855 KiB     libopencv-dnn4.2                computer vision Deep neural network module
    665 KiB     libopencv-features2d4.2         computer vision Feature Detection and Descriptor Extraction library
    369 KiB     libopencv-flann4.2              computer vision Clustering and Search in Multi-Dimensional spaces library
    120 KiB     libopencv-highgui4.2            computer vision High-level GUI and Media I/O library
    333 KiB     libopencv-imgcodecs4.2          computer vision Image Codecs library
   3000 KiB     libopencv-imgproc4.2            computer vision Image Processing library
    636 KiB     libopencv-ml4.2                 computer vision Machine Learning library
    381 KiB     libopencv-objdetect4.2          computer vision Object Detection library
    668 KiB     libopencv-photo4.2              computer vision computational photography library
  11731 KiB     libopencv-python                Open Computer Vision Library
   1065 KiB     libopencv-samples               Open Computer Vision Library
    188 KiB     libopencv-shape4.2              computer vision shape descriptors and matchers library
    669 KiB     libopencv-stitching4.2          computer vision image stitching library
    180 KiB     libopencv-superres4.2           computer vision Super Resolution library
    417 KiB     libopencv-video4.2              computer vision Video analysis library
    445 KiB     libopencv-videoio4.2            computer vision Video I/O library
    324 KiB     libopencv-videostab4.2          computer vision video stabilization library
    408 KiB     libopencv-viz4.2                computer vision 3D data visualization library
    958 KiB     libopencv4.2-java               Java bindings for the computer vision library
   1806 KiB     libopencv4.2-jni                Java jni library for the computer vision library
   5608 KiB     libopenexr-dev                  development files for the OpenEXR image library
   2974 KiB     libopenexr24                    runtime files for the OpenEXR image library
     22 KiB     libopengl-dev                   Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- OpenGL development files
    416 KiB     libopengl0                      Vendor neutral GL dispatch library -- OpenGL support
    379 KiB     libopenjp2-7                    JPEG 2000 image compression/decompression library
   6946 KiB     libopenmpi3                     high performance message passing library -- shared library
   1528 KiB     libopenmpt0                     module music library based on OpenMPT -- shared library
    343 KiB     libopus0                        Opus codec runtime library
   1053 KiB     liborc-0.4-0                    Library of Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler
   1337 KiB     liborc-0.4-dev                  Library of Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler (development headers)
   1056 KiB     liborc-0.4-dev-bin              Library of Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler (development tools)
   1299 KiB     libp11-kit0                     library for loading and coordinating access to PKCS#11 modules - runtime
    941 KiB     libpam-modules                  Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
    290 KiB     libpam-modules-bin              Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM - helper binaries
    304 KiB     libpam-runtime                  Runtime support for the PAM library
    624 KiB     libpam-systemd                  system and service manager - PAM module
    219 KiB     libpam0g                        Pluggable Authentication Modules library
    409 KiB     libpango-1.0-0                  Layout and rendering of internationalized text
    103 KiB     libpangocairo-1.0-0             Layout and rendering of internationalized text
    133 KiB     libpangoft2-1.0-0               Layout and rendering of internationalized text
    445 KiB     libparted2                      disk partition manipulator - shared library
    325 KiB     libpcap0.8                      system interface for user-level packet capture
    105 KiB     libpci3                         PCI utilities (shared library)
     57 KiB     libpciaccess0                   Generic PCI access library for X
    490 KiB     libpcre16-3                     Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - 16 bit runtime files
    487 KiB     libpcre2-16-0                   New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library - 16 bit runtime files
    455 KiB     libpcre2-32-0                   New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library - 32 bit runtime files
    524 KiB     libpcre2-8-0                    New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library- 8 bit runtime files
   2007 KiB     libpcre2-dev                    New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library - development files
     29 KiB     libpcre2-posix2                 New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library - posix-compatible runtime files
    601 KiB     libpcre3                        Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime files
   1807 KiB     libpcre3-dev                    Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - development files
    466 KiB     libpcre32-3                     Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - 32 bit runtime files
    189 KiB     libpcrecpp0v5                   Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - C++ runtime files
     71 KiB     libpcsclite1                    Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC (library)
  26547 KiB     libperl5.30                     shared Perl library
    313 KiB     libpgm-5.2-0                    OpenPGM shared library
     76 KiB     libpipeline1                    Unix process pipeline manipulation library
    407 KiB     libpixman-1-0                   pixel-manipulation library for X and cairo
   1571 KiB     libpmix2                        Process Management Interface (Exascale) library
    699 KiB     libpng-dev                      PNG library - development (version 1.6)
    328 KiB     libpng16-16                     PNG library - runtime (version 1.6)
     71 KiB     libpolkit-agent-1-0             PolicyKit Authentication Agent API
    153 KiB     libpolkit-gobject-1-0           PolicyKit Authorization API
   3280 KiB     libpoppler97                    PDF rendering library
    120 KiB     libpopt0                        lib for parsing cmdline parameters
    119 KiB     libpostproc55                   FFmpeg library for post processing - runtime files
    392 KiB     libpq5                          PostgreSQL C client library
    123 KiB     libprocps8                      library for accessing process information from /proc
   3023 KiB     libproj15                       Cartographic projection library
   2794 KiB     libprotobuf17                   protocol buffers C++ library
    140 KiB     libproxy1v5                     automatic proxy configuration management library (shared)
     87 KiB     libpsl5                         Library for Public Suffix List (shared libraries)
     18 KiB     libpthread-stubs0-dev           pthread stubs not provided by native libc, development files
    928 KiB     libpulse0                       PulseAudio client libraries
     38 KiB     libpython2-stdlib               interactive high-level object-oriented language (Python2)
   3470 KiB     libpython2.7                    Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
   2782 KiB     libpython2.7-minimal            Minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7)
   8735 KiB     libpython2.7-stdlib             Interactive high-level object-oriented language (standard library, version 2.7)
     38 KiB     libpython3-stdlib               interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)
   5357 KiB     libpython3.8                    Shared Python runtime library (version 3.8)
   4785 KiB     libpython3.8-minimal            Minimal subset of the Python language (version 3.8)
   7654 KiB     libpython3.8-stdlib             Interactive high-level object-oriented language (standard library, version 3.8)
   4955 KiB     libpython3.9-minimal            Minimal subset of the Python language (version 3.9)
   7868 KiB     libpython3.9-stdlib             Interactive high-level object-oriented language (standard library, version 3.9)
    368 KiB     libqhull7                       calculate convex hulls and related structures (shared library)
   3315 KiB     libqmi-glib5                    Support library to use the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI) protocol
     33 KiB     libqmi-proxy                    Proxy to communicate with QMI ports
  12878 KiB     librados2                       RADOS distributed object store client library
     80 KiB     libraw1394-11                   library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus (aka FireWire)
    174 KiB     libraw1394-dev                  library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus - development files
   5331 KiB     librbd1                         RADOS block device client library
   1110 KiB     librdkafka1                     library implementing the Apache Kafka protocol
    186 KiB     librdmacm1                      Library for managing RDMA connections
    428 KiB     libreadline8                    GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
    115 KiB     librest-0.7-0                   REST service access library
    136 KiB     libroken18-heimdal              Heimdal Kerberos - roken support library
   8428 KiB     librsvg2-2                      SAX-based renderer library for SVG files (runtime)
     58 KiB     librsvg2-common                 SAX-based renderer library for SVG files (extra runtime)
    131 KiB     librtmp1                        toolkit for RTMP streams (shared library)
    240 KiB     librubberband2                  audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library
   1468 KiB     libsamplerate0                  Audio sample rate conversion library
    148 KiB     libsasl2-2                      Cyrus SASL - authentication abstraction library
     61 KiB     libsasl2-modules-db             Cyrus SASL - pluggable authentication modules (DB)
     76 KiB     libsbc1                         Sub Band CODEC library - runtime
   1289 KiB     libsdl2-2.0-0                   Simple DirectMedia Layer
    140 KiB     libseccomp2                     high level interface to Linux seccomp filter
    194 KiB     libselinux1                     SELinux runtime shared libraries
    777 KiB     libselinux1-dev                 SELinux development headers
     36 KiB     libsemanage-common              Common files for SELinux policy management libraries
    289 KiB     libsemanage1                    SELinux policy management library
     42 KiB     libsensors-config               lm-sensors configuration files
     96 KiB     libsensors5                     library to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors
    726 KiB     libsepol1                       SELinux library for manipulating binary security policies
   1834 KiB     libsepol1-dev                   SELinux binary policy manipulation library and development files
    130 KiB     libserd-0-0                     lightweight RDF syntax library
     55 KiB     libshine3                       Fixed-point MP3 encoding library - runtime files
    146 KiB     libshout3                       MP3/Ogg Vorbis broadcast streaming library
    246 KiB     libsidplay1v5                   SID (MOS 6581) emulation library
   1731 KiB     libslang2                       S-Lang programming library - runtime version
     47 KiB     libsm6                          X11 Session Management library
    342 KiB     libsmartcols1                   smart column output alignment library
     52 KiB     libsnappy1v5                    fast compression/decompression library
    499 KiB     libsndfile1                     Library for reading/writing audio files
     74 KiB     libsndio7.0                     Small audio and MIDI framework from OpenBSD, runtime libraries
    150 KiB     libsocket++1                    lightweight convenience library to handle low level BSD sockets in C++ - libs
    278 KiB     libsodium23                     Network communication, cryptography and signaturing library
     56 KiB     libsord-0-0                     library for storing RDF data in memory
     86 KiB     libsoundtouch1                  Sound stretching library
     44 KiB     libsoup-gnome2.4-1              HTTP library implementation in C -- GNOME support library
    725 KiB     libsoup2.4-1                    HTTP library implementation in C -- Shared library
    149 KiB     libsoxr0                        High quality 1D sample-rate conversion library
    819 KiB     libspandsp2                     Telephony signal processing library
   5371 KiB     libspatialite7                  Geospatial extension for SQLite - libraries
    113 KiB     libspeex1                       The Speex codec runtime library
   1296 KiB     libsqlite3-0                    SQLite 3 shared library
     52 KiB     libsratom-0-0                   library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from Turtle
    589 KiB     libsrt1                         Secure Reliable Transport UDP streaming library
    155 KiB     libsrtp2-1                      Secure RTP (SRTP) and UST Reference Implementations - shared library
    103 KiB     libss2                          command-line interface parsing library
    479 KiB     libssh-4                        tiny C SSH library (OpenSSL flavor)
    594 KiB     libssh-gcrypt-4                 tiny C SSH library (gcrypt flavor)
   3613 KiB     libssl1.1                       Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries
  17672 KiB     libstdc++-9-dev                 GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
   2389 KiB     libstdc++6                      GNU Standard C++ Library v3
    402 KiB     libsuperlu5                     Direct solution of large, sparse systems of linear equations
    247 KiB     libswresample-dev               FFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - development files
    168 KiB     libswresample3                  FFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - runtime files
    738 KiB     libswscale-dev                  FFmpeg library for image scaling and various conversions - development files
    492 KiB     libswscale5                     FFmpeg library for image scaling and various conversions - runtime files
    869 KiB     libsystemd0                     systemd utility library
     24 KiB     libsz2                          Adaptive Entropy Coding library - SZIP
     50 KiB     libtag1v5                       audio meta-data library
   1101 KiB     libtag1v5-vanilla               audio meta-data library - vanilla flavour
    116 KiB     libtasn1-6                      Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
   1972 KiB     libtbb-dev                      parallelism library for C++ - development files
    285 KiB     libtbb2                         parallelism library for C++ - runtime files
    134 KiB     libtdb1                         Trivial Database - shared library
     41 KiB     libteamdctl0                    library for communication with `teamd` process
   3081 KiB     libtesseract4                   Tesseract OCR library
    586 KiB     libthai-data                    Data files for Thai language support library
     91 KiB     libthai0                        Thai language support library
    587 KiB     libtheora0                      Theora Video Compression Codec
   1015 KiB     libtiff-dev                     Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), development files
    524 KiB     libtiff5                        Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library
     42 KiB     libtiffxx5                      Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library -- C++ interface
    522 KiB     libtinfo5                       shared low-level terminfo library (legacy version)
    529 KiB     libtinfo6                       shared low-level terminfo library for terminal handling
     30 KiB     libtirpc-common                 transport-independent RPC library - common files
    221 KiB     libtirpc3                       transport-independent RPC library
   9081 KiB     libtsan0                        ThreadSanitizer -- a Valgrind-based detector of data races (runtime)
    139 KiB     libtwolame0                     MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoding library
   3021 KiB     libubsan1                       UBSan -- undefined behaviour sanitizer (runtime)
    179 KiB     libuchardet0                    universal charset detection library - shared library
    330 KiB     libudev1                        libudev shared library
   1549 KiB     libunistring2                   Unicode string library for C
    176 KiB     libunwind8                      library to determine the call-chain of a program - runtime
    119 KiB     liburiparser1                   URI parsing library compliant with RFC 3986
    132 KiB     libusb-1.0-0                    userspace USB programming library
    801 KiB     libusrsctp1                     portable SCTP userland stack - shared library
     42 KiB     libutempter0                    privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates (runtime)
    118 KiB     libuuid1                        Universally Unique ID library
    209 KiB     libv4l-0                        Collection of video4linux support libraries
    270 KiB     libv4lconvert0                  Video4linux frame format conversion library
     40 KiB     libva-drm2                      Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux -- DRM runtime
     52 KiB     libva-x11-2                     Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux -- X11 runtime
    182 KiB     libva2                          Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux -- runtime
     97 KiB     libvdpau1                       Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (libraries)
     84 KiB     libvidstab1.1                   video stabilization library (shared library)
    360 KiB     libvisual-0.4-0                 audio visualization framework
    125 KiB     libvo-aacenc0                   VisualOn AAC encoder library
    121 KiB     libvo-amrwbenc0                 VisualOn AMR-WB encoder library
    193 KiB     libvorbis0a                     decoder library for Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
    663 KiB     libvorbisenc2                   encoder library for Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
     59 KiB     libvorbisfile3                  high-level API for Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
   1822 KiB     libvpx6                         VP8 and VP9 video codec (shared library)
  64931 KiB     libvtk6.3                       VTK libraries
    381 KiB     libvulkan1                      Vulkan loader library
     26 KiB     libwacom-bin                    Wacom model feature query library -- binaries
    722 KiB     libwacom-common                 Wacom model feature query library (common files)
     62 KiB     libwacom2                       Wacom model feature query library
    177 KiB     libwavpack1                     audio codec (lossy and lossless) - library
     80 KiB     libwayland-client0              wayland compositor infrastructure - client library
     49 KiB     libwayland-cursor0              wayland compositor infrastructure - cursor library
     24 KiB     libwayland-egl1                 wayland compositor infrastructure - EGL library
    102 KiB     libwayland-server0              wayland compositor infrastructure - server library
    334 KiB     libwebp6                        Lossy compression of digital photographic images.
     53 KiB     libwebpmux3                     Lossy compression of digital photographic images.
    636 KiB     libwebrtc-audio-processing1     AudioProcessing module from the WebRTC project.
    154 KiB     libwildmidi2                    software MIDI player library
    204 KiB     libwind0-heimdal                Heimdal Kerberos - stringprep implementation
    105 KiB     libwrap0                        Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
   1345 KiB     libx11-6                        X11 client-side library
   1506 KiB     libx11-data                     X11 client-side library
   2495 KiB     libx11-dev                      X11 client-side library (development headers)
     81 KiB     libx11-xcb-dev                  Xlib/XCB interface library (development headers)
     76 KiB     libx11-xcb1                     Xlib/XCB interface library
   1343 KiB     libx264-155                     x264 video coding library
   2853 KiB     libx265-179                     H.265/HEVC video stream encoder (shared library)
     55 KiB     libxau-dev                      X11 authorisation library (development headers)
     31 KiB     libxau6                         X11 authorisation library
    417 KiB     libxaw7                         X11 Athena Widget library
     41 KiB     libxcb-dri2-0                   X C Binding, dri2 extension
     37 KiB     libxcb-dri3-0                   X C Binding, dri3 extension
    145 KiB     libxcb-glx0                     X C Binding, glx extension
     53 KiB     libxcb-icccm4                   utility libraries for X C Binding -- icccm
     46 KiB     libxcb-image0                   utility libraries for X C Binding -- image
     37 KiB     libxcb-keysyms1                 utility libraries for X C Binding -- keysyms
     31 KiB     libxcb-present0                 X C Binding, present extension
     97 KiB     libxcb-randr0                   X C Binding, randr extension
     43 KiB     libxcb-render-util0             utility libraries for X C Binding -- render-util
     86 KiB     libxcb-render0                  X C Binding, render extension
     36 KiB     libxcb-shape0                   X C Binding, shape extension
     31 KiB     libxcb-shm0                     X C Binding, shm extension
     50 KiB     libxcb-sync1                    X C Binding, sync extension
     56 KiB     libxcb-util1                    utility libraries for X C Binding -- atom, aux and event
     55 KiB     libxcb-xfixes0                  X C Binding, xfixes extension
     32 KiB     libxcb-xinerama0                X C Binding, xinerama extension
    147 KiB     libxcb-xinput0                  X C Binding, xinput extension
    145 KiB     libxcb-xkb1                     X C Binding, XKEYBOARD extension
    198 KiB     libxcb1                         X C Binding
    701 KiB     libxcb1-dev                     X C Binding, development files
     27 KiB     libxcomposite1                  X11 Composite extension library
     59 KiB     libxcursor1                     X cursor management library
     26 KiB     libxdamage1                     X11 damaged region extension library
     68 KiB     libxdmcp-dev                    X11 authorisation library (development headers)
     38 KiB     libxdmcp6                       X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
   3506 KiB     libxerces-c3.2                  validating XML parser library for C++
    106 KiB     libxext6                        X11 miscellaneous extension library
     42 KiB     libxfixes3                      X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library
    184 KiB     libxfont2                       X11 font rasterisation library
    106 KiB     libxft2                         FreeType-based font drawing library for X
     88 KiB     libxi6                          X11 Input extension library
     29 KiB     libxinerama1                    X11 Xinerama extension library
     50 KiB     libxkbcommon-x11-0              library to create keymaps with the XKB X11 protocol
    273 KiB     libxkbcommon0                   library interface to the XKB compiler - shared library
    166 KiB     libxkbfile1                     X11 keyboard file manipulation library
   1854 KiB     libxml2                         GNOME XML library
    119 KiB     libxmu6                         X11 miscellaneous utility library
     37 KiB     libxmuu1                        X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library
     60 KiB     libxnvctrl0                     NV-CONTROL X extension (runtime library)
     77 KiB     libxpm4                         X11 pixmap library
     65 KiB     libxrandr2                      X11 RandR extension library
     56 KiB     libxrender1                     X Rendering Extension client library
     25 KiB     libxshmfence1                   X shared memory fences - shared library
     32 KiB     libxss1                         X11 Screen Saver extension library
    394 KiB     libxt6                          X11 toolkit intrinsics library
    104 KiB     libxtables12                    netfilter xtables library
     44 KiB     libxtst6                        X11 Testing -- Record extension library
     36 KiB     libxv1                          X11 Video extension library
    464 KiB     libxvidcore4                    Open source MPEG-4 video codec (library)
     43 KiB     libxxf86dga1                    X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library
     39 KiB     libxxf86vm1                     X11 XFree86 video mode extension library
    128 KiB     libyaml-0-2                     Fast YAML 1.1 parser and emitter library
    256 KiB     libzbar0                        QR code / bar code scanner and decoder (library)
    659 KiB     libzmq5                         lightweight messaging kernel (shared library)
    607 KiB     libzstd1                        fast lossless compression algorithm
    141 KiB     libzvbi-common                  Vertical Blanking Interval decoder (VBI) - common files
    660 KiB     libzvbi0                        Vertical Blanking Interval decoder (VBI) - runtime files
   5941 KiB     linux-libc-dev                  Linux Kernel Headers for development
  17196 KiB     locales                         GNU C Library: National Language (locale) data [support]
    908 KiB     login                           system login tools
     91 KiB     logsave                         save the output of a command in a log file
     58 KiB     lsb-base                        Linux Standard Base init script functionality
     66 KiB     lsb-release                     Linux Standard Base version reporting utility
    380 KiB     make                            utility for directing compilation
   2744 KiB     man-db                          tools for reading manual pages
    225 KiB     mawk                            Pattern scanning and text processing language
    114 KiB     mime-support                    MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
   3664 KiB     modemmanager                    D-Bus service for managing modems
    546 KiB     mono-4.0-gac                    Mono GAC tool (for CLI 4.0)
     98 KiB     mono-gac                        Mono GAC tool
     89 KiB     mono-runtime                    Mono runtime - default version
   3316 KiB     mono-runtime-common             Mono runtime - common files
   4433 KiB     mono-runtime-sgen               Mono runtime - SGen
    406 KiB     mount                           tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
   1142 KiB     mtd-utils                       Memory Technology Device Utilities
     34 KiB     mysql-common                    MySQL database common files, e.g. /etc/mysql/my.cnf
    381 KiB     ncurses-base                    basic terminal type definitions
    606 KiB     ncurses-bin                     terminal-related programs and man pages
    808 KiB     net-tools                       NET-3 networking toolkit
     43 KiB     netbase                         Basic TCP/IP networking system
     15 KiB     netcat                          TCP/IP swiss army knife -- transitional package
    104 KiB     netcat-openbsd                  TCP/IP swiss army knife
   7212 KiB     network-manager                 network management framework (daemon and userspace tools)
    212 KiB     network-manager-pptp            network management framework (PPTP plugin core)
     66 KiB     networkd-dispatcher             Dispatcher service for systemd-networkd connection status changes
        KiB     nsight-systems-2022.2.3         Nsight Systems is a statistical sampling profiler with tracing features.
    194 KiB     nvidia-container                NVIDIA Container Meta Package
     21 KiB     nvidia-container-runtime        NVIDIA container runtime
   4224 KiB     nvidia-container-toolkit        NVIDIA container runtime hook
    224 KiB     nvidia-cuda                     NVIDIA CUDA Meta Package
    175 KiB     nvidia-cudnn8                   NVIDIA CUDNN8 Meta Package
     27 KiB     nvidia-docker2                  nvidia-docker CLI wrapper
    194 KiB     nvidia-jetpack                  NVIDIA Jetpack Meta Package
 159907 KiB     nvidia-l4t-3d-core              NVIDIA GL EGL Package
     31 KiB     nvidia-l4t-apt-source           NVIDIA L4T apt source list debian package
 196453 KiB     nvidia-l4t-bootloader           NVIDIA Bootloader Package
  20657 KiB     nvidia-l4t-camera               NVIDIA Camera Package
   1506 KiB     nvidia-l4t-configs              NVIDIA configs debian package
   9392 KiB     nvidia-l4t-core                 NVIDIA Core Package
  22694 KiB     nvidia-l4t-cuda                 NVIDIA CUDA Package
   4479 KiB     nvidia-l4t-display-kernel       NVIDIA Display Kernel Modules Package
  14546 KiB     nvidia-l4t-firmware             NVIDIA Firmware Package
     38 KiB     nvidia-l4t-gputools             NVIDIA dgpu helper Package
  69520 KiB     nvidia-l4t-graphics-demos       NVIDIA graphics demo applications
   3698 KiB     nvidia-l4t-gstreamer            NVIDIA GST Application files
  16722 KiB     nvidia-l4t-init                 NVIDIA Init debian package
  16419 KiB     nvidia-l4t-initrd               NVIDIA initrd debian package
    134 KiB     nvidia-l4t-jetson-io            NVIDIA Jetson.IO debian package
  93611 KiB     nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-a  NVIDIA Jetson Multimedia API is a collection of lower-level APIs that support flexible application development.
    159 KiB     nvidia-l4t-jetsonpower-gui-too  NVIDIA Jetson Power GUI Tools debian package
 234499 KiB     nvidia-l4t-kernel               NVIDIA Kernel Package
   2941 KiB     nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs          NVIDIA Kernel DTB Package
  70435 KiB     nvidia-l4t-kernel-headers       NVIDIA Linux Tegra Kernel Headers Package
    596 KiB     nvidia-l4t-libvulkan            NVIDIA Vulkan Loader Package
  29841 KiB     nvidia-l4t-multimedia           NVIDIA Multimedia Package
    742 KiB     nvidia-l4t-multimedia-utils     NVIDIA Multimedia Package
     59 KiB     nvidia-l4t-nvfancontrol         NVIDIA Nvfancontrol debian package
    198 KiB     nvidia-l4t-nvpmodel             NVIDIA Nvpmodel debian package
     86 KiB     nvidia-l4t-nvpmodel-gui-tools   NVIDIA Nvpmodel GUI Tools debian package
    903 KiB     nvidia-l4t-nvsci                NVIDIA NvSci Package
    110 KiB     nvidia-l4t-oem-config           NVIDIA OEM-Config Package
   6290 KiB     nvidia-l4t-optee                OP-TEE userspace daemons, test programs and libraries
     81 KiB     nvidia-l4t-pva                  NVIDIA PVA Package
   3289 KiB     nvidia-l4t-tools                NVIDIA Public Test Tools Package
     77 KiB     nvidia-l4t-wayland              NVIDIA Wayland Package
   4682 KiB     nvidia-l4t-weston               NVIDIA Weston Package
    226 KiB     nvidia-l4t-x11                  NVIDIA X11 Package
    602 KiB     nvidia-l4t-xusb-firmware        NVIDIA USB Firmware Package
    194 KiB     nvidia-nsight-sys               NVIDIA Nsight System Meta Package
    194 KiB     nvidia-opencv                   NVIDIA OpenCV Meta Package
    200 KiB     nvidia-tensorrt                 NVIDIA TensorRT Meta Package
    194 KiB     nvidia-vpi                      NVIDIA Vpi Meta Package
    105 KiB     ocl-icd-libopencl1              Generic OpenCL ICD Loader
     55 KiB     odbcinst                        Helper program for accessing odbc ini files
    210 KiB     odbcinst1debian2                Support library for accessing odbc ini files
     58 KiB     opencv-licenses                 Open Computer Vision Library
   3965 KiB     openssh-client                  secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote machines
   1471 KiB     openssh-server                  secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines
    137 KiB     openssh-sftp-server             secure shell (SSH) sftp server module, for SFTP access from remote machines
   1213 KiB     openssl                         Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility
    159 KiB     parted                          disk partition manipulator
   2536 KiB     passwd                          change and administer password and group data
    224 KiB     patch                           Apply a diff file to an original
   1193 KiB     pci.ids                         PCI ID Repository
    175 KiB     pciutils                        PCI utilities
    745 KiB     perl                            Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
  10407 KiB     perl-base                       minimal Perl system
  17226 KiB     perl-modules-5.30               Core Perl modules
    229 KiB     pigz                            Parallel Implementation of GZip
     92 KiB     pinentry-curses                 curses-based PIN or pass-phrase entry dialog for GnuPG
    182 KiB     pkg-config                      manage compile and link flags for libraries
    524 KiB     policykit-1                     framework for managing administrative policies and privileges
    961 KiB     ppp                             Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - daemon
    109 KiB     pptp-linux                      Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Client
    803 KiB     procps                          /proc file system utilities
  23574 KiB     proj-data                       Cartographic projection filter and library (datum package)
    268 KiB     python-apt-common               Python interface to libapt-pkg (locales)
     10 KiB     python-is-python3               symlinks /usr/bin/python to python3
    105 KiB     python-jetson-gpio              Jetson GPIO library package (Python 2)
    136 KiB     python2                         interactive high-level object-oriented language (Python2 version)
    144 KiB     python2-minimal                 minimal subset of the Python2 language
    382 KiB     python2.7                       Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.7)
   3642 KiB     python2.7-minimal               Minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7)
    189 KiB     python3                         interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)
    588 KiB     python3-apport                  Python 3 library for Apport crash report handling
    699 KiB     python3-apt                     Python 3 interface to libapt-pkg
     55 KiB     python3-blinker                 fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling library
    319 KiB     python3-certifi                 root certificates for validating SSL certs and verifying TLS hosts (python3)
    213 KiB     python3-cffi-backend            Foreign Function Interface for Python 3 calling C code - runtime
    411 KiB     python3-chardet                 universal character encoding detector for Python3
   1379 KiB     python3-crypto                  cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python 3
   1597 KiB     python3-cryptography            Python library exposing cryptographic recipes and primitives (Python 3)
    411 KiB     python3-dbus                    simple interprocess messaging system (Python 3 interface)
    365 KiB     python3-dbusmock                mock D-Bus objects for tests
     69 KiB     python3-distro                  Linux OS platform information API
   1363 KiB     python3-distutils               distutils package for Python 3.x
     23 KiB     python3-entrypoints             Discover and load entry points from installed packages (Python 3)
    692 KiB     python3-gi                      Python 3 bindings for gobject-introspection libraries
    130 KiB     python3-httplib2                comprehensive HTTP client library written for Python3
    289 KiB     python3-idna                    Python IDNA2008 (RFC 5891) handling (Python 3)
    105 KiB     python3-jetson-gpio             Jetson GPIO library package (Python 3)
     85 KiB     python3-jwt                     Python 3 implementation of JSON Web Token
    155 KiB     python3-keyring                 store and access your passwords safely - Python 3 version of the package
    243 KiB     python3-launchpadlib            Launchpad web services client library (Python 3)
    185 KiB     python3-lazr.restfulclient      client for lazr.restful-based web services (Python 3)
     74 KiB     python3-lazr.uri                library for parsing, manipulating, and generating URIs
    702 KiB     python3-lib2to3                 Interactive high-level object-oriented language (lib2to3)
   3205 KiB     python3-libnvinfer              Python 3 bindings for TensorRT
     10 KiB     python3-libnvinfer-dev          Python 3 development package for TensorRT
    120 KiB     python3-minimal                 minimal subset of the Python language (default python3 version)
    540 KiB     python3-oauthlib                generic, spec-compliant implementation of OAuth for Python3
    567 KiB     python3-pkg-resources           Package Discovery and Resource Access using pkg_resources
    177 KiB     python3-problem-report          Python 3 library to handle problem reports
    298 KiB     python3-pyparsing               alternative to creating and executing simple grammars - Python 3.x
    228 KiB     python3-requests                elegant and simple HTTP library for Python3, built for human beings
     34 KiB     python3-requests-unixsocket     Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket - Python 3.x
     53 KiB     python3-secretstorage           Python module for storing secrets - Python 3.x version
    242 KiB     python3-simplejson              simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python 3.x
     58 KiB     python3-six                     Python 2 and 3 compatibility library (Python 3 interface)
    173 KiB     python3-systemd                 Python 3 bindings for systemd
    414 KiB     python3-urllib3                 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling for Python3
    372 KiB     python3-wadllib                 Python 3 library for navigating WADL files
    509 KiB     python3.8                       Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.8)
   5240 KiB     python3.8-minimal               Minimal subset of the Python language (version 3.8)
   3109 KiB     python3.8-vpi2                  NVIDIA VPI python 3.8 bindings
    547 KiB     python3.9                       Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.9)
   5503 KiB     python3.9-minimal               Minimal subset of the Python language (version 3.9)
   3113 KiB     python3.9-vpi2                  NVIDIA VPI python 3.9 bindings
     79 KiB     readline-common                 GNU readline and history libraries, common files
    195 KiB     resolvconf                      name server information handler
    137 KiB     rfkill                          tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices
    672 KiB     rsync                           fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool
   1520 KiB     rsyslog                         reliable system and kernel logging daemon
  17761 KiB     runc                            Open Container Project - runtime
    328 KiB     sed                             GNU stream editor for filtering/transforming text
     62 KiB     sensible-utils                  Utilities for sensible alternative selection
   2648 KiB     shared-mime-info       shared MIME database and spec
    537 KiB     sound-theme-freedesktop sound theme
   2124 KiB     sudo                            Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
  14688 KiB     systemd                         system and service manager
    176 KiB     systemd-sysv                    system and service manager - SysV links
    234 KiB     systemd-timesyncd               minimalistic service to synchronize local time with NTP servers
     62 KiB     sysvinit-utils                  System-V-like utilities
    880 KiB     tar                             GNU version of the tar archiving utility
     11 KiB     tensorrt                        Meta package of TensorRT
   6071 KiB     timgm6mb-soundfont              TimGM6mb SoundFont from MuseScore 1.3
    112 KiB     tree                            displays an indented directory tree, in color
   3935 KiB     tzdata                          time zone and daylight-saving time data
    146 KiB     ubuntu-fan                      Ubuntu FAN network support enablement
     46 KiB     ubuntu-keyring                  GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive
   5591 KiB     ubuntu-mono                     Ubuntu Mono Icon theme
    188 KiB     ucf                             Update Configuration File(s): preserve user changes to config files
   9071 KiB     udev                            /dev/ and hotplug management daemon
    217 KiB     uff-converter-tf                UFF converter for TensorRT package
    158 KiB     usb-modeswitch                  mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" USB devices
     97 KiB     usb-modeswitch-data             mode switching data for usb-modeswitch
   4181 KiB     util-linux                      miscellaneous system utilities
    168 KiB     uuid-dev                        Universally Unique ID library - headers and static libraries
   3069 KiB     vim                             Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
    376 KiB     vim-common                      Vi IMproved - Common files
  30766 KiB     vim-runtime                     Vi IMproved - Runtime files
  35913 KiB     vpi2-demos                      NVIDIA VPI GUI demo applications
    654 KiB     vpi2-dev                        NVIDIA VPI C/C++ development library and headers
  15169 KiB     vpi2-samples                    NVIDIA VPI command-line sample applications
    913 KiB     vulkan-tools                    Miscellaneous Vulkan utilities
      9 KiB     vulkan-utils                    transitional package
    964 KiB     wget                            retrieves files from the web
     33 KiB     wireless-regdb                  wireless regulatory database
    287 KiB     wireless-tools                  Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions
   3255 KiB     wpasupplicant                   client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i)
   2260 KiB     x11-apps                        X applications
    313 KiB     x11-common                      X Window System (X.Org) infrastructure
    657 KiB     x11-utils                       X11 utilities
    458 KiB     x11-xkb-utils                   X11 XKB utilities
    485 KiB     x11-xserver-utils               X server utilities
     11 KiB     x11proto-core-dev               transitional dummy package
   1654 KiB     x11proto-dev                    X11 extension protocols and auxiliary headers
     73 KiB     xauth                           X authentication utility
    223 KiB     xbitmaps                        Base X bitmaps
   1276 KiB     xdg-desktop-portal              desktop integration portal for Flatpak and Snap
    537 KiB     xdg-user-dirs                   tool to manage well known user directories
   7166 KiB     xfonts-base                     standard fonts for X
    664 KiB     xfonts-encodings                Encodings for X.Org fonts
    406 KiB     xfonts-utils                    X Window System font utility programs
     57 KiB     xinit                           X server initialisation tool
   4020 KiB     xkb-data                        X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configuration data
    101 KiB     xorg-sgml-doctools              Common tools for building X.Org SGML documentation
    240 KiB     xserver-common                  common files used by various X servers
    411 KiB     xserver-xorg                    X.Org X server
   3858 KiB     xserver-xorg-core               Xorg X server - core server
     50 KiB     xserver-xorg-input-all          X.Org X server -- input driver metapackage
    102 KiB     xserver-xorg-input-libinput     X.Org X server -- libinput input driver
    300 KiB     xserver-xorg-input-wacom        X.Org X server -- Wacom input driver
    266 KiB     xserver-xorg-legacy             setuid root Xorg server wrapper
     50 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-all          X.Org X server -- output driver metapackage
    177 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu       X.Org X server -- AMDGPU display driver
     45 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-ati          X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI display driver wrapper
     46 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-fbdev        X.Org X server -- fbdev display driver
    257 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-nouveau      X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver
    560 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-radeon       X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI Radeon display driver
     49 KiB     xserver-xorg-video-vesa         X.Org X server -- VESA display driver
   2250 KiB     xterm                           X terminal emulator
    302 KiB     xtrans-dev                      X transport library (development files)
    202 KiB     xxd                             tool to make (or reverse) a hex dump
    344 KiB     xz-utils                        XZ-format compression utilities
    159 KiB     zlib1g                          compression library - runtime
    588 KiB     zlib1g-dev                      compression library - development

dpkg-query sorted by package size

For listing all the installed packages in ascending order sorted by size:

dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size;8} KiB \t${Package;-30}\t${binary:Summary}\n' | sort -n -t$'\t' -k 1,1

dpkg-query to list NVIDIA packages

dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size;8} KiB \t${Package;-30}\t${Maintainer}\n' | grep nvidia 
Example output of the dpkg-query command to list NVIDIA packages on Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit with JetPack 5.0.2 (Full JetPack components):
      7 KiB    cuda-11-4                       cudatools <>
  12351 KiB    cuda-cccl-11-4                  cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-command-line-tools-11-4    cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-compiler-11-4              cudatools <>
    731 KiB    cuda-cudart-11-4                cudatools <>
   4963 KiB    cuda-cudart-dev-11-4            cudatools <>
    279 KiB    cuda-cuobjdump-11-4             cudatools <>
  21778 KiB    cuda-cupti-11-4                 cudatools <>
   1308 KiB    cuda-cupti-dev-11-4             cudatools <>
   1553 KiB    cuda-cuxxfilt-11-4              cudatools <>
    378 KiB    cuda-documentation-11-4         cudatools <>
    131 KiB    cuda-driver-dev-11-4            cudatools <>
  14045 KiB    cuda-gdb-11-4                   cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-libraries-11-4             cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-libraries-dev-11-4         cudatools <>
 100439 KiB    cuda-nvcc-11-4                  cudatools <>
  32610 KiB    cuda-nvdisasm-11-4              cudatools <>
    559 KiB    cuda-nvml-dev-11-4              cudatools <>
    154 KiB    cuda-nvprune-11-4               cudatools <>
  46801 KiB    cuda-nvrtc-11-4                 cudatools <>
    117 KiB    cuda-nvrtc-dev-11-4             cudatools <>
    444 KiB    cuda-nvtx-11-4                  cudatools <>
     88 KiB    cuda-profiler-api-11-4          cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-runtime-11-4               cudatools <>
 161686 KiB    cuda-samples-11-4               cudatools <>
  26027 KiB    cuda-sanitizer-11-4             cudatools <>
     14 KiB    cuda-toolkit-11-4               cudatools <>
     70 KiB    cuda-toolkit-11-4-config-commo  cudatools <>
     74 KiB    cuda-toolkit-11-config-common   cudatools <>
     74 KiB    cuda-toolkit-config-common      cudatools <>
      7 KiB    cuda-tools-11-4                 cudatools <>
     10 KiB    cuda-visual-tools-11-4          cudatools <>
     81 KiB    graphsurgeon-tf                 cudatools <>
     52 KiB    jetson-gpio-common              NVIDIA Corporation <>
 527663 KiB    libcublas-11-4                  cudatools <>
 699018 KiB    libcublas-dev-11-4              cudatools <>
    244 KiB    libcudla-11-4                   cudatools <>
    116 KiB    libcudla-dev-11-4               cudatools <>
1347830 KiB    libcudnn8                       cudatools <>
1646629 KiB    libcudnn8-dev                   cudatools <>
   2118 KiB    libcudnn8-samples               cudatools <>
 171408 KiB    libcufft-11-4                   cudatools <>
 393703 KiB    libcufft-dev-11-4               cudatools <>
  76039 KiB    libcurand-11-4                  cudatools <>
  78070 KiB    libcurand-dev-11-4              cudatools <>
 466285 KiB    libcusolver-11-4                cudatools <>
 223245 KiB    libcusolver-dev-11-4            cudatools <>
 225282 KiB    libcusparse-11-4                cudatools <>
 251151 KiB    libcusparse-dev-11-4            cudatools <>
 207464 KiB    libnpp-11-4                     cudatools <>
 219340 KiB    libnpp-dev-11-4                 cudatools <>
     67 KiB    libnvidia-container-tools       NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
    163 KiB    libnvidia-container0            NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
   3086 KiB    libnvidia-container1            NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
    489 KiB    libnvinfer-bin                  cudatools <>
 814296 KiB    libnvinfer-dev                  cudatools <>
  31479 KiB    libnvinfer-plugin-dev           cudatools <>
  27850 KiB    libnvinfer-plugin8              cudatools <>
 536945 KiB    libnvinfer-samples              cudatools <>
 490082 KiB    libnvinfer8                     cudatools <>
   2736 KiB    libnvonnxparsers-dev            cudatools <>
   2788 KiB    libnvonnxparsers8               cudatools <>
  21048 KiB    libnvparsers-dev                cudatools <>
   3482 KiB    libnvparsers8                   cudatools <>
 285363 KiB    libnvvpi2                       VPI Support <>
        KiB    nsight-systems-2022.3.3         Feedback <>
    194 KiB    nvidia-container                NVIDIA Corporation
     21 KiB    nvidia-container-runtime        NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
   9361 KiB    nvidia-container-toolkit        NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
    224 KiB    nvidia-cuda                     NVIDIA Corporation
    224 KiB    nvidia-cuda-dev                 NVIDIA Corporation
    175 KiB    nvidia-cudnn8                   NVIDIA Corporation
    175 KiB    nvidia-cudnn8-dev               NVIDIA Corporation
     27 KiB    nvidia-docker2                  NVIDIA CORPORATION <>
    194 KiB    nvidia-jetpack                  NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-jetpack-dev              NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-jetpack-runtime          NVIDIA Corporation
 160854 KiB    nvidia-l4t-3d-core              NVIDIA Corporation
     31 KiB    nvidia-l4t-apt-source           NVIDIA Corporation
 198666 KiB    nvidia-l4t-bootloader           NVIDIA Corporation
  20839 KiB    nvidia-l4t-camera               NVIDIA Corporation
   1504 KiB    nvidia-l4t-configs              NVIDIA Corporation
  10422 KiB    nvidia-l4t-core                 NVIDIA Corporation
  22790 KiB    nvidia-l4t-cuda                 NVIDIA Corporation
   4094 KiB    nvidia-l4t-display-kernel       NVIDIA Corporation
  16487 KiB    nvidia-l4t-firmware             NVIDIA Corporation
     77 KiB    nvidia-l4t-gbm                  NVIDIA Corporation
     38 KiB    nvidia-l4t-gputools             NVIDIA Corporation
  69598 KiB    nvidia-l4t-graphics-demos       NVIDIA Corporation
   5135 KiB    nvidia-l4t-gstreamer            NVIDIA Corporation
  16737 KiB    nvidia-l4t-init                 NVIDIA Corporation
  16421 KiB    nvidia-l4t-initrd               NVIDIA Corporation
    134 KiB    nvidia-l4t-jetson-io            NVIDIA Corporation
  93617 KiB    nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-a  NVIDIA Corporation
    159 KiB    nvidia-l4t-jetsonpower-gui-too  NVIDIA Corporation
 237542 KiB    nvidia-l4t-kernel               NVIDIA Corporation
   4772 KiB    nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs          NVIDIA Corporation
  70953 KiB    nvidia-l4t-kernel-headers       NVIDIA Corporation
    596 KiB    nvidia-l4t-libvulkan            NVIDIA Corporation
  31183 KiB    nvidia-l4t-multimedia           NVIDIA Corporation
    742 KiB    nvidia-l4t-multimedia-utils     NVIDIA Corporation
     65 KiB    nvidia-l4t-nvfancontrol         NVIDIA Corporation
    205 KiB    nvidia-l4t-nvpmodel             NVIDIA Corporation
     86 KiB    nvidia-l4t-nvpmodel-gui-tools   NVIDIA Corporation
    999 KiB    nvidia-l4t-nvsci                NVIDIA Corporation
    110 KiB    nvidia-l4t-oem-config           NVIDIA Corporation
    235 KiB    nvidia-l4t-openwfd              NVIDIA Corporation
   8212 KiB    nvidia-l4t-optee                NVIDIA Corporation
     85 KiB    nvidia-l4t-pva                  NVIDIA Corporation
   3336 KiB    nvidia-l4t-tools                NVIDIA Corporation
   6922 KiB    nvidia-l4t-vulkan-sc            NVIDIA Corporation
  19617 KiB    nvidia-l4t-vulkan-sc-dev        NVIDIA Corporation
  14000 KiB    nvidia-l4t-vulkan-sc-samples    NVIDIA Corporation
  83151 KiB    nvidia-l4t-vulkan-sc-sdk        NVIDIA Corporation
     77 KiB    nvidia-l4t-wayland              NVIDIA Corporation
   4749 KiB    nvidia-l4t-weston               NVIDIA Corporation
    226 KiB    nvidia-l4t-x11                  NVIDIA Corporation
    602 KiB    nvidia-l4t-xusb-firmware        NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-nsight-sys               NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-opencv                   NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-opencv-dev               NVIDIA Corporation
    200 KiB    nvidia-tensorrt                 NVIDIA Corporation
    200 KiB    nvidia-tensorrt-dev             NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-vpi                      NVIDIA Corporation
    194 KiB    nvidia-vpi-dev                  NVIDIA Corporation
    105 KiB    python-jetson-gpio              NVIDIA Corporation <>
    105 KiB    python3-jetson-gpio             NVIDIA Corporation <>
   3228 KiB    python3-libnvinfer              cudatools <>
     10 KiB    python3-libnvinfer-dev          cudatools <>
   3157 KiB    python3.8-vpi2                  VPI Support <>
   3161 KiB    python3.9-vpi2                  VPI Support <>
     11 KiB    tensorrt                        cudatools <>
    217 KiB    uff-converter-tf                cudatools <>
  35917 KiB    vpi2-demos                      VPI Support <>
    679 KiB    vpi2-dev                        VPI Support <>
  15170 KiB    vpi2-samples                    VPI Support <>

Save in CSV

For saving the list of NVIDIA packages in CSV format file

dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size;8} KiB,\t${Package;-30},\t${Maintainer},\t${Depends},\t${Pre-depends}\n' | grep nvidia > dpkg_nvidia_packages.csv 

Understanding Package Dependencies

Generating Dependency Graph

sudo apt-get install debtree
debtree --max-depth=3 --no-conflicts nvidia-jetpack  | dot -Tpng >dpkg_nvidia-jetpack.png
Example Output of debtree nvidia-jetpack on JetPack 5.x and JetPack 4.6.2

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Find the Dependent Package

apt-cache depends ${YOUR_PACKAGE}
Example on JetPack 4.6.1
jetson@xnx6-jp461:~$ apt-cache depends cuda-toolkit-10-2
Depends: cuda-compiler-10-2
Depends: cuda-libraries-10-2
Depends: cuda-libraries-dev-10-2
Depends: cuda-tools-10-2
Depends: cuda-documentation-10-2
Depends: cuda-nvml-dev-10-2
Depends: cuda-samples-10-2

Find the Packages being Dependent

apt-cache rdepends ${YOUR_PACKAGE}
Example on JetPack 5.0.2
jetson@jao-jp502:~$ apt-cache rdepends cuda-samples-11-4 
Reverse Depends:

Inspect a Package

apt-cache --no-all-versions show ${YOUR_PACKAGE}
Example Output of apt-cache show for nsight-systems on JetPack 5.0.2
jetson@jao-jp502:~$ apt-cache --no-all-versions show nsight-systems-2022.3.3 
Package: nsight-systems-2022.3.3
Version: 2022.3.3.18-4d5367b
Depends: libc6, libglib2.0-0, libtinfo5, libxcb-xinerama0, libxcb-icccm4, libxcb-image0, libxcb-keysyms1,     libxcb-randr0, libxcb-render-util0, libxcb-xfixes0, libxcb-shape0, libxkbcommon-x11-0, libxcb-xinput0
Provides: nsight-systems
Architecture: arm64
Maintainer: Feedback <>
Priority: optional
Section: devel
Filename: pool/main/n/nsight-systems-2022.3.3/nsight-systems-2022.3.3_2022.3.3.18-4d5367b_arm64.deb
Size: 316969792
SHA256: 5381a6bfa018b65cb37f2da87f12c9060ea9f1c80be1716a50ab64057e1308be
SHA1: c503e2723a1a463a707addf46e594cdbee01907a
MD5sum: 41bd5dfd6bd00ed91ec73dc33b25a9cc
Description: Nsight Systems is a statistical sampling profiler with tracing features.
It is designed to work with devices and devkits based on
NVIDIA Tegra SoCs (system-on-chip) or systems
based on the x86_64 processor architecture that
also include NVIDIA GPU(s).
Description-md5: 05572d17c488868adaaffd1ce748ce4c

Find what files a package installed

dpkg-query -L ${YOUR_PACKAGE}
Example Output of dpkg-query -L on JetPack 4.6.2
$ dpkg-query -L libcufft-10-2

Find the package a file belongs to

dpkg-query -S ${YOUR_FILE}
Example Output of dpkg -S on JetPack 4.6.2
$dpkg -S /usr/local/cuda-10.2/targets/aarch64-linux/lib/libcufft_static_nocallback.a
libcufft-dev-10-2: /usr/local/cuda-10.2/targets/aarch64-linux/lib/libcufft_static_nocallback.a

Misc Tips

Identifying L4T version on the system

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release 

Content of /etc/nv_tegra_release on JetPack 5.x and JetPack 4.6.1

jetson@jao-jp502:~$ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release 
# R35 (release), REVISION: 1.0, GCID: 31346300, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Thu Aug 25 18:41:45 UTC 2022
cat /etc/nv_tegra_release 
# R34 (release), REVISION: 1.1, GCID: 30414990, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Tue May 17 04:20:55 UTC 2022
cat /etc/nv_tegra_release 
# R32 (release), REVISION: 7.1, GCID: 29818004, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Sat Feb 19 17:07:00 UTC 2022

L4T version to JetPack version